April 05 2018 Thursday at 06:13 PM

Custom Mother of the Bride Dresses

mother of the bride dress jacksonvilleWhat about the mother of the bride dress? Off the shelf dresses? Casual? Custom Gowns? Last minute pick between three or more on hand?      

Even in smaller US cities like Jacksonville, FL, planning a wedding is a big deal. So much thought and time go into selecting the venue, floral arrangements, caterers, entertainment etc. Everything must be perfect, especially the wedding attire.

It used to be a custom for the mother of bride to purchase her dress first, setting the tone for choices of bride’s, bridesmaids and mother-of the-groom dresses. However, this approach is now somewhat old fashioned and unrealistic.

Today, when working out the specifics in regard to attire for her big day, the bride possibly puts the most thought into the choice of the bridesmaids dresses and her own wedding dress.

The choice of dresses usually comes down to the bride’s taste and preferences. Some brides go for the matchy-matchy look, while others mix and match within one color spectrum. Those choices don’t matter as much as what is the most appropriate, comfortable and make each feel beautiful.

A bride can spend hours browsing catalogs of big name designer wedding dresses and get ideas for a custom dress based on some A-List celebrity. But the choice for mother of the bride dress or gown can easily be overlooked. Unfortunately, mom’s dress has become a less important decision and sometimes even a last minute decision by mom.

We understand, many moms are hard-working women that dedicated their lives to raising and providing for their children. These selfless moms don’t give a second thought for themselves. And the last thing they’d like to do on their daughter’s wedding day is to draw attention away from the bride.

Of course the special wedding day belongs to the bride. Whether a quaint ceremony on the beach in Jacksonville, Florida or a Big To-Do there’s no question that the bride deserves to feel like the most gorgeous woman on the planet that day. But for everything to be simply fabulous, shouldn’t the mother of the bride also look stunning in a beautiful custom dress?

If you’re a bride-to-be, don’t forget about mom when shopping for your wedding dress and considering dresses for your bridesmaids. If you’re a mother of the bride, don’t forget about yourself on your daughter’s wedding day.

Erin Healy Designs of Jacksonville, Florida offers custom mother of the bride dresses and gowns that complement the bride’s selection of dresses rather than distract or clash with the choices of attire. Be beautiful.