January 04 2016 Monday at 08:59 PM

How to Rock a Custom Fitting

No two female figures are exactly the same. That's what's sp wonderful about a perfectly tailored fit.

If you're having a dress or another piece of clothing altered or custom-made, you can expect at least two sessions with your designer or tailor.

The first session will be to take your precise measurements.

The second session will involved your trying on the piece for additional tailoring.  It may be necessary to have a few fittings in total.

Tips for Tailored Clothing

To help assure a pleasant experience and perfect fit, designer Erin Healy offers these tips for you when you arrive for your custom fitting:

  1. Antiperspirant.  Wear an invisible formula antiperspirant to avoid staining or discoloring your new garment. 
  2. Shoes. Bring along the shoes you plan to wear with your floor-length dress, skirt or pants to assure the hemline falls where it should. 
  3. Undergarments. Wear the right undergarments. They provide a foundation for your design and can affect the way fabric lays. For example, a convertible bra for a strapless or backless piece... a plunge bra for a low-cut top... or a shaping slip for a figure-hugging design is critical. 


If you're looking for custom fashion design, please contact designer Erin Healy or giver her a call at 904.316.2237.