December 03 2015 Thursday at 01:09 PM

Five Tips for Wearing Leggings at Work

Leggings at the office? Absolutely... if you do it right.

Designer Erin Healy recently took to the airwaves on Jacksonville, FL's River City Live to share tips on the right way to rock leggings at work.

Five Tips for Wearing Leggings at Work

  1. Skip the thin, discount store varieties and shop instead for higher quality leggings made of thicker fabrics to avoid a potentially embarrassing over-exposure moment.
  2. Avoid prints and opt for neutral tones. To add a bit of depth to your legging look, try textured, tone-on-tone patterns.
  3. Choose a top or blazer that covers your tush.
  4. Layer for a more structured, casually elegant look.
  5. Pair your leggings with closed-toed ballet flats or boots.

See Erin's segment on the River City Live website.