July 12 2015 Sunday at 03:00 PM

Erin Healy Heads to Miss World Curacao Pageant

Curacao, Venezuela

Fashion Designer Erin Healy is headed to the beautiful southern Caribbean island of Curacao, just off the Venezuelan coast... but not for a little rest & relaxation.

Erin is one of an elite group of designers from around the world hand-selected to dress a candidate in the upcoming Miss World Curacao pageant.

The multi-day event’s inaugural Designer Night happens this Friday, March 28 at the Marriott Curacao. Each contestant will be dressed by a different participating designer in a gown that illustrates the event’s “A Night at the Oscars” theme.

Along with Erin, Gigliola Gomez of Aruba and Washington Roberts of New York round out the international designers chosen to participate. Designers from Curacao are Edseline Rijkers, Albertico Sambo, Wendell Elisabeth and Jasmine Citrine.

Miss World Curacao is part of the Miss World pageant system and is committed with promoting “beauty with a cause,” inner beauty and confidence. It’s sponsored by Dushi Magazine Curacao with support from On Point Publicity.